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Recently re-joined the Science Fiction Book Club and got a stack of books to add to the TBR pile.

Already finished:
The Wizard's War dduane
This is the 8th book in her wonderful Young Wizards series that begins with So You Want to be a Wizard. I'm also reading the 3rd volume in the Feline Wizards series online! She's publishing it chapter by chapter at The Big Meow.

I also got an omnibus book club edition of Betsy the Vampire Queen (MaryJanice Davidson) containing Undead and Unwed, Undead and Unemployed, Undead and Unappreciated and Undead and Unreturnable. I enjoyed them, although not as much as some of the other vampire series I'm reading.

Still in the queue:

This Witch for Hire (Kim Harrison) another omnibus edition with Dead Witch Walking and The Good, the Bad and the Undead. This series is a good bit darker than the Betsy series but I like the main character better.

Solstice Wood (Patricia McKillip) is a followup to her Winter Rose and I either didn't read that or I've forgotten too much. I may put this one aside until I can get a copy of the earlier one.

The Big Over Easy (Jasper Fforde) is the first in a new series by the author of The Eyre Affair. Haven't really started it, but noticed that either the cats or oangelo143 got some water or something on it (grrr). It's not tooo damaged though.

I've also got 3 more coming, yay! Memory in Death (JD Robb), Shadowmarch (Tad Williams) and Old Man's War (John Scalzi).

These should keep me busy for a week or two....
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