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What the heck does that mean?

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I got the name for this journal from World Wide Words. It seemed very appropriate--both for my life and my conversational style.

In other news, I finally got the SFBC order, although Old Man's War is apparently backordered. The invoice claims it'll be shipped March 31....

Memory In Death (JD Robb) is the latest in my Guilty Pleasure addiction to this SFish series. This particular one I liked better than Origin in Death, the previous book. It's a bit different--most of the book is taken up with a case out of Eve's backstory, and the other characters make fewer appearances than usual.

Games I'm Playing

Iron Sudoku
Online Sudoku, one game per day. They are supposedly about to implement rankings.

This looks interesting. SimSchool. As soon as I get arountuit and move some big files off on CD, I think I'll give it a whirl.

Found via Download Squad yesterday, this Portable Puzzle Collection has a lot of good stuff, including NetWalk, which I used to play regularly, as well as a Sudoku game and a version of Planarity, although it's not as nice as the online version.
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